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"I've just booked a free trial session, what now?"


Firstly, I would like to thank you for expressing an interest in my classes.

So you've booked your child into a trial session and are a little unsure as to what to expect. Over the years I have come to learn that generally speaking, the questions that new members have are all pretty similar, so I have put together this FAQ page which will hopefully give you a better understanding as to what to expect on your first visit.

Q1: What should my child/ren wear for their trial session?

I would advise you to send your little ones to the trial session wearing some comfy sporty clothing such as joggers or leggings and a t-shirt.  All members will receive a free judo suit if they decide to join after the free trial.    

Q2: How early should we arrive? 

It is recommended that you arrive with enough time to find the venue/entrance. Until the coronavirus restrictions are relaxed only the children training are allowed into the building, the coach will call you in when the class is ready.

Q3:  Am I expected to stay during my child's session?

Over the years we have learnt that children are more focused when their parents are not in the hall, with that said we operate on a drop off and collection service.  

Q4: How do I know you're qualified and safe to work with children?

Although the Judo Dan Academy is newly established, Judo Dan has been in this business for nearly a decade, he has a level 2 qualification in Judo Coaching, he is all up to date with his Safeguarding and health and Safety in Sport qualifications and has recently updated his DBS certificate with British Judo (one of our sports governing bodies) which you are more than welcome to view. 

Q4:  My child/ren have a medical condition, can they still attend?

You will no doubt know your child and their capabilities better that anyone however advice from a doctor would be your first point of call, if your child's doctor has no objection to your child trying out one of our classes then we would welcome them along.

Q5: When will my child/ren receive their free judo suit?

All children that attend a free trial will receive a free judo suit (subject to stock levels) on their next session when they enrol into the class.

Q6: What if it doesn't fit?

Judo Dan has handed out hundreds of free judo suits over the years and has developed a pretty good idea of what size suit a child will need based on how tall they are.  If the suit doesn't fit however, then please send it back in its original packaging and it will exchanged for a different size.

Q7: I have siblings, can they be in the same class?

This is a good question, most of the time it would suit a parent by sending both siblings to the same class so that they're only doing one drop off and collection. The Judo Dan Academy will do its best to accommodate this request by relaxing the age range of the classes slightly however, a 5 year old training in their 13 year old brother/sisters class obviously has its risks and therefor will not be possible.

Q9: Assuming my child/ren enjoyed the session, how do I sign them up?

When your child is called into the hall at the beginning of their trial session Dan will provide you with an enrolment pack, this a document that provides you with more info relating to the club and how it operates.  The back page of this document is the enrolment form and must be completed and returned the following week along with the first months payment in cash.  This method gives us more time to set up the direct debit for all other future payments.  All we need from you to do this is an email address so we can send you a form to complete.

Q10: Do your sessions stop during school holidays?

No, some members assume that because we visit primary schools which act as feeders in to our clubs, that we close during all school holidays, this is not the case.  We close for 1 week at Easter, 2 weeks in the Summer holidays and 2 weeks over Christmas.  These weeks have already been incorporated into the membership price.  All other schools holidays we will be running as normal.  

Q11: Do we need to notify you if we're not going to be able to attend a session?

If your child has been poorly and therefor cannot attend, you do not need to notify the Judo Dan Academy, however if you know that your child is going to miss training for a longer period e.g. a long holiday or due to an injury etc then by letting the Judo Dan Academy know, we can ensure your child will not lose their place on the register.

Q12: I don't want to pay via direct debit, can I pay with cash instead?

There is an option to pay by cash instead, however there is more work involved in providing this service, therefor members who wish to pay cash instead can do so by paying in 3 monthly blocks rather than monthly direct debit.  If this is your preferred option then please speak to Dan at the trial session.

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